Comparison of ToxOut against Similar Products
  • Contains Oil Palm Fibre-natural intestinal scavenger that promotes bowel movements. Over 70% dietary fibre which can help detoxification and removal of harmful waste in your system
  • Majority of products contain low amounts of dietary fibres, which might not be able to promote effective bowel movement
Drinking Instructions
  • No excessive water intake is required
  • Can be mixed with cold/warm water or juices
  • Excessive amount of water required
  • Commonly can only be mixed with hot water
After Effects
  • Does not promote dependency
  • Constipation begins once treatment is stopped
Effective Time
  • In effect around 8-15 hours
  • Effective in around 2-3 days
Special Features
  • Natural, gentle and non-simulative to intestine
  • Low sugar, no fats and trans fat
  • Side-effect includes stomach bloating, stomachache and diarrhea
  • Contains excess amount of sugar and fats
  • No suitable for many disease groups
Recommended by professional
  • 96% Registered Health Professionals recognise the functions of ToxOut
  • Majority of other products do not have clinical data support
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