The colour, shape and odor of your feces and frequency of excretion can reflect the health of your colon. If there are changes in your bowel habits, you should be cautious of the changes and find the ways to improve the colon.

Q1.Does your feces
Q2.What color are your feces?
Q3.What are the shapes/texture of your feces?
Q4.How do they smell?
Q5.What is the excretion frequency?
Q6.Do you need to use any health supplements to facilitate excretion?
Q7.How long does each excretion session last?
7-8 points Your Colon is in Good Health
Congratulations, you have a healthy colon, keep it up.
9-12 points – should be more conscious about the health of your colon
Your colon is signaling that you take action to prevent further deterioration.
7-8 points Your Colon is in Good Health
Your colon is giving out serious warnings, you should take action immediately to prevent further deterioration
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